Improve business performance, excel in customer service and cut costs with our systems and platforms designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses

Our broad range of communications and collaboration systems can help you and improve business performance by cutting down on lost time chasing voicemail and emails, excel in customer service by putting your customers through to the right agent, with the right information at their fingertips. We can even help you reduce costs by making your communications more efficient.

Meet business needs

We can provide you with the communications functionality you need, delivered on the platforms that best suit your business. If you want to integrate unified communications functionality into Microsoft Outlook, launch conferencing from your desktop, share screens at a click of the mouse with ‘web collaboration’ or use your existing infrastructure, such as analogue telephones or entry phones – No problem!, we have a system for you.

Professional installations backed by manufacturers warranty on:

Unify (Siemens) Openscape and HiPath 3000

Panasonic’s range of systems and voicemails.