With a Multi-Room Audio system, you will have the ability to distribute your favourite music collection all over your house. You can control your music to play a different song in every room, or play one song through the entire house in perfect synchronization.

Controlling your music system could not be easier, most of the systems we install now have wireless capabilities, meaning  you can use your iPad or Smartphone as a controller to individually control each room. Other options include the use of keypads mounted next to light switches so music can be played the moment you walk into a room. We can offer systems that are wireless or wired, this helps if your house is undergoing a refurbishment or for a retro-fit scenario where cabling a system just is not an option.

If you already have existing Hi-Fi components at home then we can normally incorporate a system to work alongside them. Another great feature of a Multi-Room system is that if carefully planned then speakers can be discretely placed in ceilings or walls so you will experience glorious sounding music without the clutter of speaker cabinets. Speakers can also be installed in pool areas, wet-rooms, bathrooms and even outside – this is great for parties, or BBQs.

Multi-Room systems can also be installed for Video as well as Audio. We can install systems where you can enjoy amazing high definition in multiple rooms of your property. With a distributed video installation you can locate your all of your cable boxes, media players and games consoles centrally, even in a cupboard out of sight. Then all of these sources can be viewed on various televisions around the home. Our systems we install do require the property to be wired with inexpensive Cat5e or Cat6 cabling to allow for the transmission of  HD signals over twisted pair cable.


Below are some links to various systems that we currently install.