With today’s fast moving technology it is difficult to know what is the latest and best models to go for. We have access to all the very latest models of LED, LCD, 3D, Plasma and Projectors on the market. Whether you are after a slim, sleek new flat panel or a full blown cinema room, we can advise on the very best option. With televisions becoming thinner by the day, this sometimes takes away some of the sound level as the speakers are so small. We can look at integrating a system to add some punch, like a Soundbar or 5.1 Surround set-up.  Surround sound is a fantastic option for film fans that want the best possible sound from their movies, just as the director intended. Nowadays speakers can be totally invisible -even plastered over, this is a great option if the deign of the property cannot be compromised. With access to a vast array of high quality audio visual components, we can design and install cinema rooms for all budgets.