computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware components interconnected by communication channels either via wires or wireless that allow sharing of resources and information.

Our Network design team will be able to advise and install a network, either wired or wireless, that will be suitable for any size home, or business within a budget.

Depending on speed requirements we can recommend and install CAT5e (the most commonly used cable) up to 100mbs (mega bits per second). Should a faster system be required for use in busy homes, or bandwidth hungry businesses (video streaming, on line games and video calls) we would recommend a CAT6 network which will be 10 times faster than CAT5e at 1000mbs.

Should the requirement be for an even faster connection, we install the latest fibre optic systems.

All these systems are now being used in new builds and the refurbishment of properties.

A cabled data network installation is not just about the cable type used.  It is a complete system of how the cable is installed, the hardware to which it is installed for (fit for purpose) and connected to.  We have many years of network installation experience, ranging from large multi-national companies to small office systems.

All installations should conform to BS EN 50173