Custom Design & Installation

As a company we specialize in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the intelligent home.

We work alongside home owners, designers, builders and architects in installing cabling infrastructure that is important to support today’s digital connected lifestyle.

The benefits of installing a good cable infrastructure at a new build or refurbishment stage are multifold and include:

● Having the ability to discretely integrate and distribute Internet, Entertainment (TV, Satellite and Music), Computer and Communication systems around the home without having to trail any additional wires.

● Enabling the home for future Digital Healthcare applications.

● Adding value to the home by ensuring that future buyers’ home technology needs are met.

● Preserving the décor and structure of the home by planning for future needs (retrofitting cables can be disruptive and costly).

● Providing the correct wired infrastructure to enable a robust wireless (Wi-Fi) network.

● The ability to enjoy multi-room media systems throughout the home.

Any system will require planning before an installation ever begins. Whilst design changes can happen on-site during a project, these should always be based on an initial design.

Multiple changes on-site due to lack of planning only serve to slow the installation process and add cost to the project. With only basic floor plans it is possible to plan which services you need prior the design or installation stage.

Incoming services

An important area that can be overlooked in a project life-cycle are the incoming services to the home. It’s important to ensure that the correct cable connections are in place for incoming services to be connected and distributed around the home. Different incoming services enter the property from different locations, but all should end in a common location within the property called the Extra Low Voltage Head End (ELVHE).

Each incoming service will have to be commissioned by one of our engineers to be made live. It’s advised for all TV and Satellite dish installations to be completed early on into the project life-cycle so cable entry points can be identified and connected to the incoming services.

The ELVHE is where the incoming services and most cables will run back to. A location for the Head End needs to be determined at an early stage. The ELVHE can be hidden away under the stairs or in a utility room, for example. It needs to be placed somewhere accessible and at an appropriate height from the floor so our engineer can safely work on it.

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