SONOS Wireless HiFi Music System

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System allows for streaming of music from internet sources, in multiple rooms of the home within range, via Wi-Fi (802.11). Expansion can be achieved through the addition of the wireless bridge, which allows for greater range. Control of the system is available by apps for Android and iOS platforms, and Kindle Fire.

There are two main players in the Sonos Music System: all in one speakers and components. Components connect directly to unpowered speakers, or to an amplifier/receiver, which allows existing speakers to become Sonos rooms. All-in-one speakers allow any room with a power outlet to play audio. There is also a wireless Subwoofer that connects to any all-in-one speaker or amplified component.

Multiple ZonePlayers in a single household will connect to each other on a proprietary peer to peer synchronous mesh network using AES encryption. This network, known as SonosNet, allows music to be played simultaneously in separate zones. A single ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge must be wired to a network for access to LAN and Internet music sources. 

With a broadband connection, the system includes access to a variety of audio content completely independent of a computer. The system ships with thousands of radio stations and shows from the Internet via TuneIn. The system also features 30-day trials for Napster, Rhapsody and Pandora as well as a 14-day trial of MOG (online music). 

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