HDanywhere™ Multiroom+ lets you select, watch and control all your media devices on every HDTV throughout your home, not just the main set. Everyone can enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time, whilst taking advantage of a faster than WiFi Internet connection for smoother, buffer-free browsing.

Hide away your clutter

Get rid of all the cables, boxes and TV furniture from your viewing area and hide them away. The HDanywhere Multiroom+ Receiver box is all you need at every TV location. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it’s easily hidden it behind the TV, all you actually need in sight is the IR magic eye.

All your devices & subscriptions on every TV

HDanywhere™ Multiroom+ maximises the value and unlocks the true potential of all your home entertainment devices and subscriptions. Enabling you to enjoy every set-top box, channel, Blu-ray, video or music downloads on every HDTV in your home, without sacrificing remote control or loosing a single pixel of picture quality.

Best quality picture & sound

Get the best performance possible from all your HDTVs with uncompressed full HD 1080p video and audio, in pixel-perfect original quality, just as the director intended. Also capable of 3D and higher def than full HD future-ready 4K resolutions.

Better Internet

Connect your broadband router to the HDanywhere Multiroom+ central hub to activate a faster than WiFi Ethernet LAN via the system. Two network ports are available at every Receiver – providing a stable and secure wired Internet connection. Perfect for alleviating buffering blues, running SmartTV apps, online gaming and smoother surfing.

Wiring your home for HDanywhere is easy

Quite simply, HDanywhere requires a single run of Cat5e/6 cabling from each TV location back to a central point.

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