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New Wireless Lighting Solutions from Control4

Control4 has recently launched their new wireless smart lighting range.

Control4 integrates lighting with music, shades, locks, climate control, and video — so that with just one touch, the bright possibilities of a smart home are much bigger than just turning on or off a light.

The new Wireless Lighting Control line features customized keypads, LED backlighting with ambient sensors and are easy to program and personalize to create the perfect scenes and aesthetic for your home.

Panelized lighting control Enables complete, discrete control over residential and commercial lighting systems via a sophisticated Wired Keypad, rather than a collection of switches on every wall. All dimming, switching and load management is performed by smart lighting modules, tucked away in a panel and completely hidden from view. The Control4 Wired Keypads, often used with Panelized Lighting solutions, add style and elegance to custom lighting installations. For larger homes and commercial projects, this is the lighting solution for you.




This article was written by: Lee Jacobs