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AVM now accredited Control4 Dealers


Last week we visited Control4’s UK offices in York to complete our four-day Installer Certification. Installer certification, previously known as Tech I, is the required introductory course for new Control4 Dealers and Installers. Attendance at the live four-day course is mandatory for at least one installer per dealership.

Control4 is a Linux-based appliance dubbed a Home Controller which manages all the connected electronic devices in a consumer’s home. Such devices may include Control4’s own products (such as light switches, zoned audio amplifiers, networked thermostats, and touch-screen keypads) as well as an ample variety of third party products (such as common name-brand televisions, alarm panels, security cameras).

A Windows-based software package called Composer is offered to homeowners and allows the electronics in a home to perform scripted or scheduled actions chosen by the homeowner. For example, the thermostat can be scripted to automatically turn off the air conditioning when the alarm system is armed and the occupants are away, or a voice announcement can play over speakers if the garage door is left open. A subscription-based service called 4Sight permits a homeowner to remotely access the equipment in the home via a web browser. With 4Sight, a homeowner who is away might see the home temperature, set the alarm, turn off the lights, and ensure the garage door is closed from the remote.

The product includes extensive support for controlling audiovisual equipment (via infrared, RS-232, and/or TCP/IP), and for cataloging and selecting media. Media includes physical media such as CDs and DVDs on single and multi-disc players, and also networked files. A networked dock for the Apple iPod offers complete support for playing music and video from the device, complete with the capability of remotely browsing the iPod’s music library, controlling the iPod, and seeing the song metadata and cover art on the Control4 user interface products as the music plays.

After successfully completing the course we now have a full portable demonstration kit ready to show to new and existing clients.

For a free demonstration please email: or call us on 01225 945001.



This article was written by: Lee Jacobs